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The 28-Year-Old Amplifying the Music of the Borscht Belt

July 29, 2022
What started as a way for Vassar College alumni to fill open air time on its radio station has turned into a launching pad for Aaron Bendich's "Borscht Beat," a weekly FM radio show (on Radio Catskill, WJFF-90.5) featuring Jewish music, old and new.
The 28-year-old launched the hour-long program from his Brooklyn apartment in 2020 (in the throes of quarantine) as a way to revive – and continue – his family's love for Jewish music. In less than two years, Bendich has built up a large community of listeners and has expanded to three additional radio stations – WJFF Catskill, WVKR Poughkeepsie and WCFA Cape May.
Now he's launching a record label, also called "Borscht Beat," to more actively engage in the Jewish music scene.
In this interview, Bendich speaks with B'nai B'rith CEO Dan Mariaschin about "Borscht Beat" – the radio show and the label – the future of Jewish music and much more.
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