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American Judaism Expert Dr. Jonathan Sarna on Author Cora Wilburn and Anti-Semitism

October 30, 2019

Coming-of-age novel Cosella Wayne: Or, Will and Destiny, by largely unknown American Jewish author Cora Wilburn, went largely unnoticed for over 150 years. That is, until preeminent Jewish Studies scholar Dr. Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University discovered the work in Jerusalem after having come across Wilburn's name throughout his career. Sarna helped bring Wilburn's novel to modern day readers with a first-edition published book that he introduces. Wilburn's novel explores important themes of the American Jewish experience during the 19th century.

In this podcast episode, Sarna discusses the discovery of Wilburn's work with our host and CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin. In addition, Sarna updates listeners on the publication by Yale University Press of the second edition of his seminal work American Judaism: A History. Sarna also shares his perspective on the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in the United States.

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