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Author Margot Webb on Surviving the Holocaust as a Child

February 24, 2022

Margot Webb hasn't forgotten what happened to her family more than 80 years ago in Nazi Germany. The sacrifices made to save her and her mother. The heartlessness of former friends. The brutality of SS officers.

Webb's book, "Tears in the Eyes of My Enemy," follows a slightly fictionalized version of herself – Meryam – as she returns to her childhood homes in Arnstadt and Halle, Germany, and the unlikely friendships she builds with descendants of her former tormentors.

In this episode, B'nai B'rith CEO Dan Mariaschin speaks with Webb about "Tears in the Eyes of My Enemy," her journey back to the places she once called home and her efforts making sure others don't forget the cruelty she witnessed – and experienced.

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