The B’nai B’rith Int’l Podcast

Towering Figures in World History

April 30, 2021

Dr. Stephen Berk, professor of history at Union College, joins the B'nai B'rith podcast with CEO Dan Mariaschin to explore his “Towering Figures Who Changed the World” virtual program series, hosted by Ayelet Tours.

As Ayelet's scholar-in-residence, Dr. Berk has hosted 24 installments since the virtual series began in November 2020, giving talks on people who have changed the course of modern history and whose influence remains to this day. These include Theodor Herzl, Margaret Thatcher and Martin Luther King Jr., who Dr. Berk says is the most consequential figure of the 20th century.

Pre-pandemic, Dr. Berk lectured during trips to Russia, Spain, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Europe and Israel.

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